9 January, 2019

The Judeo-Left Fears the Symbolism and the Idea of a Border Wall

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World-wide, liberals are all about symbolism-over-substance. For example, leftists are much more likely to hang/display and burn effigies of their political opponents than rightists are. They’re much more likely to make up, and endlessly repeat, childish slogans that smear their opponents, such as when the queers began chanting “History will recall, Reagan did the least of all” to combat AIDS (of course, that’s not true. The queers did the least of all to combat AIDS by screwing everything that moved — without using condoms — during the late 1970s and early 1980s). Symbolism is all-important to the leftists. Substance and facts don’t matter to them.

Here in America, liberals don’t fear a border wall per se. They fear the idea and the symbolism of a wall. They fear that Donald Trump will usher in a new type of political thinking, a new trend, a new “anti-immigrant tone.” Other White politicians could follow that trend. Oy veh! That wouldn’t be good for the Judeo-Left’s pro-illegal-immigration agenda.

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