24 January, 2019

What We Owe Samuel Dash

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“You know, it’s my belief that it behooves us always to try to find something good in our situation, no matter how bad it seems. We ought to look for an advantageous aspect in every disaster that befalls us and see what we can do to make it more advantageous. That’s the only way for us to keep our courage up; it’s our only hope for improving things. And certainly, if we assess our situation objectively today, it is a full-fledged disaster. We Americans — we White Americans, we European Americans — are largely a population of mindless, spineless lemmings with a government consisting entirely of criminals, and we are all — people and government — under the control of a tribe of alien, bloodsucking parasites who use us and abuse us at their pleasure.”


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