17 February, 2019

Big Media, or, The Other Government: the Plutocracy

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Here I go, hating on capitalism again. But it deserves criticism. “Multi-national corporations” should be banned by law. Some of these outfits are so powerful that they help write laws in Congress!

Remember the 1970s, when 3 Jewish-owned TV networks controlled everything you saw and heard? Well, it’s the same way today, except there are more Jewish companies controlling everything.

Once you have a monopoly (or very-nearly-a-monopoly), it’s almost like Marxism. You’ve got all the power. It’s almost like you’re an arm of the government. You can actually censor speech, and also set cultural trends. (Here’s a different, but similar example, for all you laissez faire capitalists: shelf space at U.S. supermarkets. All the big, major brands (say, of potato chips) own all the shelf space. So your little, mom-and-pop brand can’t get any shelf space. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell your product elsewhere, that’s true, but, it certainly makes the selling of your product much harder, and, depending on where you live, your little company may fail due only to that shelf space matter; size can mean life or death).


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    1. fd Says:

      I agree. There’s not much difference between capitalist mega-corporations and Marxism. Mr. H. called the former Jewish Democratic Capitalism. Big corporations participate in payola to have laws passed. The Dutch West an East India corporations were scary powerful. Both thrived on the Atlantic slave trade.

      laissez faire: to let alone, not. Government monitors every transfer of resources under capitalism. Heavy taxes, heavy interest rates, heavy debt. Capitalism: What’s in a name? Marketing is buying and selling.