18 February, 2019

Marxism Comes to France: Mother? Father? No More. Now, They Are “Parent 1 and Parent 2”

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Treating all humans as “interchangeable” is Marxism. Absolutely. Marxism treats people as “one size fits all” [1]. Marxism denies race, creed, religion, heritage, sex, everything. Under Marxism, humans are all blobs of flesh, each one the same as the next one. Which is of course bullshit. No human is equal to the next one. Indeed, you aren’t equal to your father, or your grandfather, who more-than-likely had advanced college degrees (not that that alone proves greater intelligence).


[1] “In the name of science and of man it (Marxism) seeks to transcend the specific divisions of climate, race and creed, of nation-state and language-group, in order to chart a common future for mankind.” — isn’t that nifty? From the book “The Ethical Foundations of Marxism” by Jewish/Marxist scholar Eugene Kamenka (1928-1994), 1962; from the Preface to the Japanese edition, 1965

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  7. 2 Responses to “Marxism Comes to France: Mother? Father? No More. Now, They Are “Parent 1 and Parent 2””

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      WTF? What about Parent 3 and Parent 4? and your Dog Parent and Dog Son.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, you nailed it. Once they open the door to parents NOT being male and female, who is to say that they have to be a couple? Why not three parents, or four, or even, as you say, a dog as a parent? After all, dogs are more noble than a lot of people are, and would make better parents.

      The field is wide open! They are trying to separate us from our very biology, our very nature as human mammals!

      It seems like that fucker, the Pope, would say something about this, but his attention is no doubt consumed by championing illegal immigration to Europe and by the muscular buttocks of the young men of his Swiss Guard, whom he makes wear those tights.