21 February, 2019

White Philosophy for Newbies: Marxism and Christianity: What’s the Diff?

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Recall the quote about the nature of Marxism that I posted on Feb. 18. Think of another ideology that that quote might (almost) perfectly describe. Can you think of it?

Here are some hints about both of those ideologies to help you:

— both are of Jewish origin
— both are universalist and egalitarian
— both are religions (in the minds of their adherents)
— both are international/global in scope
— both will deliver salvation and/or utopia (in the minds of their adherents)

You guessed it! Marxism and Christianity are virtual twins. So why do they claim to oppose each other? Why do communists hate Christians, and vice-versa? (With Archbishop Oscar Romero, they were the same thing!)

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  7. One Response to “White Philosophy for Newbies: Marxism and Christianity: What’s the Diff?”

    1. Pierre Says:

      I thought christians believed in a paradise in the afterlife whereas communists who don’t believe in an afterlife want to create paradise on earth. Also communists don’t believe in God whereas God is at the center of christianity. The other points are OK.

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