16 March, 2019

A Brown Socialist Warns of “White Supremacy” (*Yawn*)

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(What’cha doin’ with that cell phone, LaShaunda? Making a drug deal? Callin’ one of yer many “baby daddies”? Do you really wanna use that phone?That’s evil White technology! Do Blacks and Browns want to ignore White accomplishments and “go back to primitive”? Like, living in grass huts in Africa (above)? The smart money says they don’t. But without White Western culture, Blacks and Browns would have: no indoor plumbing, no fresh or hot water, no toilets, no electricity, no A/C, no refrigeration, no internet, no cars. How would LaDerricus make a big drug deal in da ‘hood without wheels? Word!)

If Whites aren’t supreme, who on this planet is? Whites gave the world to mankind (and yet, no one ever thanks us! Why not?) [1].


[1] among the things that White people gave the world: democracy (yeah, I know, bad idea), electricity, the lightbulb, concrete, the TV, the radio, the stereo, the camera, refrigeration, indoor air conditioning/heating, the automobile, the airplane, the computer, maps, the clock, the wristwatch, the water pump, the bicycle, physics, philosophy, pasteurization, sanitation, the telescope, astronomy, space travel

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