21 March, 2019

A Question of Sanity

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Let me give a specific example of this problem. I have stated, both explicitly and implicitly, on a large number of occasions my belief that Blacks or Negroes or Afro-Americans or whatever you want to call them, are inferior as a race to Whites, or European Americans, in the innate abilities involved in building and maintaining a civilization. That is, I’ve claimed that Whites are smarter and more creative than Blacks.

Now, in opposition to this the U.S. government, the schools, the churches, and especially the controlled media all claim that there is no such difference in abilities between Blacks and Whites. A difference in skin color, yes, but that’s all. There’s no difference in problem-solving ability, in creativity, or in temperament between Blacks and Whites that gives Whites an edge at building or maintaining a civilization. That’s the official dogma. Any government official or any public school teacher or any minister in a mainstream church who contradicts this dogma — or even fails to support it with sufficient enthusiasm — will be hounded from his office or from his place of employment by the media or by his more orthodox colleagues.”


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