16 March, 2019

Australia: More Leftist Violence

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It’s always the Left that commits political violence. Yep! A young leftist hit a right-wing Australian senator in the head with an egg — as you can see, it was caught on film (the fact that the leftist used an egg suggests that the attack was not simply spontaneous but was planned, which should be a felony). The senator did not blame Muslim immigration per se for yesterday’s New Zealand shooting attacks. He instead said that there was a “link” between violence and Muslim immigration, which is entirely true. By the way, Muslim immigrants never assimilate. They remain “a people apart” in whichever country they immigrate into. So why is Muslim immigration officially sanctioned and tolerated? How can you make any country better by adding thousands of Muslim fanatics to it? It’s ridiculous.


  • 2 Responses to “Australia: More Leftist Violence”

    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Asian’s politically in the WEST anti White to the bone, believe it. Blacks have been only ones attacking, but the media and regime give this POS a platform.

      Few have read about the Chinese military leaders and statements about us, media does not want that.

      Kwa Nips have been treated better than any minority in human history, and right WW 2 they joined the Hollywood NYC enemy aliens against American Whites with hoax about their treatment here in 1942. Very few Whites know any facts about this even on VNN. Nip back stabbing slandering US Whites fo the time got reparations while being the most prosperous racial group out side of j000sa and European Whites. Plus the took Hawaid with their masters like a pirate taking booty. Whites have suffered brutal racial repression in Hawaii, and the Japs there smirk and know it fully. As for Japan I have 100 percent respect for Japan period, and they don’t even respect ussa nips if I got that right.


    2. The Red Skull Says:

      I notice the lapdog media is going out of their slimy way to
      Demonize Whites in general and “White Nationalism” in particular.
      When i smell a rat
      A Plant (not the green leafy kind)
      And the hand of der ewige jude