18 March, 2019

Capitalism: It Floats All the Boats, and That’s a Problem

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Yes, White men can get rich from capitalism. But so can Jews and Brown people. That’s a serious problem in the White West. Capitalism is a “sword” that can be wielded by anyone. In the hands of honest, decent White men, capitalism is good (most of the time, anyway). But in the hands of our racial opponents, capitalism isn’t okay. It’s dangerous to Western culture. [Article].

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    1. fd Says:

      Americans think capitalism is an invention. It’s nothing-more than an economy based on free trade. Buying and selling.

      American capitalism is everything it pretends not to be. Every transfer of resources and fiat dollars is covered with government interference. A tax wheel. Like a dog ready to bite you on the leg, the tax man is right there to grab your property. Bleed you out. Heavy payroll taxes is nothing less than slavery.

      Champagne and Caviar on the Potomac.