20 March, 2019

More “Punish Whitey” Ideas: the Reparations Push Heats Up

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(They’ve already punished Whitey for slavery in many ways: Affirmative Action mandates, higher taxes, the Fair Housing Act of 1968. But they’re not done yet).

Seen on the TV: news people talking about White people paying money to Black people as payment/compensation for slavery, which ended 153 years ago.

Ha-ha! If Blacks had not been brought to America as slaves, they wouldn’t now be senators, congressmen, mayors, police chiefs, fire chiefs, etc. They would still be living in grass huts in Africa, eating grubs and giving one grunt for “yes” and two grunts for “no.” Some life, eh? You bet. Slavery was actually the best thing to ever happen to Blacks. If you ask a negro today if he would like to go back to the “African grass hut days,” $100 says that he wouldn’t consider the idea for even one nano-second. Where would you buy a 40-ouncer in the jungle, homie?? Where would you get yer purple drank, word??

Instead, Blacks should pay Whites for all of the violent crime that they have committed on Whites since, say, 1900. (That would amount to many billions of dollars. Think Blacks would pay that? When pigs fly, that’s when!).

Besides, who would decide which Blacks get reparation payments, and, from who? And how much money would they get? It’s a ridiculous idea in so many ways. Life isn’t fair. It never was.

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