17 March, 2019

Pennsylvania: When White Men Give Up Their Political Power to Jews, Mexicans and Women…

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this happens (i.e., gun control; attempts to ban guns never stop, it’s a monthly thing, usually coming from Jews, Browns or women; remember, gun registration is the first step towards gun confiscation; the government can’t take guns that it doesn’t know you have. [Article]. Finally, on that same topic, as someone else said recently, the 2nd Amendment protects not one, but two rights: the right to keep and bear arms (the words “keep” and “bear” mean two different things, and if you look in your dictionary you’ll see the big difference). Gun control laws interfere with your Constitutional rights. See the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court case “District of Columbia v. Heller” which talks about “keeping” and “bearing” arms and which makes clear that the 2nd Amendment was not about “the militia” or “the military” but about citizens in general (recall, the citizens were the militia in the early U.S.A.).

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