29 March, 2019

Puerto Rican Statehood: Will America Suddenly Inherit 4 Million Brown, Future Democrats?

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Girl: “Daddy, what’s a Puerto Rican?”

Father: “That’s someone who carries a knife and a can of spray paint.”

Those Brown people will, of course, become Democrats and vote for Hillary or Chelsea Clinton. Shockingly, some so-called “conservatives” like the idea of P.R. statehood. [Article].

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    1. Luke Says:

      I can remember, just a few years ago, where the sleazy, slimy, IQ of minus 50 Newt Gingrich was coasting around the neocon TV talk show circuit, claiming support for the idea of granting statehood to this island shit hole and he said he was convinced that it was chocked full of prospective new GOP voters.

      A few years later, Rand Paul was giving interviews where he was advocating that the GOP should launch voter recruitment drives in Detroit, because he was convinced that Detroit was an untapped hotbed of new Republican voters.

      You know, I am starting to understand why more and more White people are ashamed of being White. There can’t possibly be any other race of human or sub-humans on this planet who are as brain dead stupid as are a growing percentage of the White race.

      I mean think about it. Just recently, the GOP in Florida joined hands with the DemonRats to release something like 3 million convicted felons from prison and then they restored their voting rights. Do these numbskulls really think that any of those convicts are going to vote for Trump in 2020?

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Many of the stalwart GOP members are actually serial adulterers and pedophiles. I just read that George W. Bush almost drove his wife Barbara to suicide over his 10-year dalliance. It is not just the GOP; it is all of them. Beginning in their college years, or before, they engage in acts which should bring their mothers and fathers to tears, except that they are no doubt following in the footsteps of their mothers and fathers.

      So why are they so stupid about what their constituents want? They are not; they think that if they do something that makes their constituents dislike them, that they are doing penance.

      They think that if they do something “virtuous” or “righteous” that it mitigates their sins, and shows that they have a soft heart. Their conscience, if it is not yet dead, bothers them and they try to placate it, not by repenting or seeking enlightenment, but by doing these stunts that they think show that they virtuous. They think, “I might have driven my wife to madness with my adulteries, or ruined that little boy’s life by buggering him , but I have made up for it by giving felons the right to vote (or whatever). Yes, it might cost us an election, but that is the price that I must pay to show that my heart is good.”

      This does indeed seem to be a White phenomenon. Sin, ignorance, maya is very destructive. These people are not even aware enough to know what is driving them. They are too busy preening for others. The White race is losing the ability to be introspective.

    3. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Money and control and we don’t have either.


    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Wise comments about human psychology, Holy One!

      Humans want to be innocent. The women that I airbrush want to walk around nude and innocent, with the pretext of a sliver-thin coat of paint!

      It is strange that we have this desire to be innocent and sin-free!

      Do you believe in the Garden of Eden story? That is a very profound myth, in my opinion.