13 March, 2019

Self-Criticism: America is Now Following Maoism (Marxism-Leninism)

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Four Chinese communists self-criticizing in 1970:

Chinese communist #1: “I’m a bad communist! I’m ashamed to be a Chinaman! To punish myself, I will eat only noodles for 1 year!”

Chinese communist #2: “I have failed the Communist Party! I am so ashamed. I feel rotten. To punish myself, I will stop masturbating for 2 years!”

Chinese communist #3: “I am a disgrace to Chairman Mao! I’m going to get a knife and commit hara-kiri!”

Chinese communist #4: “Hara-kiri is Japanese, dumbshit!”

Political self-criticism and confessing political sins were the big things in communist China under Chairman Mao’s leadership. Now, those things have come to America. [Article].

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