27 March, 2019

The Roots of Civilization

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by Dr. William Pierce.

A vital, must-read Pierce essay. This is the rare, full-length, print version. It was, at one time, an NA leaflet; I hope that the NA still distributes it. You might consider making a copy of it for future reference/use).

“IQ tests are biased against Blacks to the extent that they require abstraction. At learning tasks which require nothing more than memory – e.g., simple arithmetical operations and spelling – properly motivated Blacks can do nearly as well as Whites. But at tasks which require inference – and this includes virtually all problem-solving operations – Black performance falls so far below that of Whites that the two can hardly be compared on the same scale.

Standard IQ tests mask rather than reveal the true mental gulf which exists between Blacks and Whites, in that they do not measure solely the ability to reason abstractly. Reading comprehension tests, for example, which make up a large part of most IQ tests, measure both memory and inferential ability. If they measured inferential ability only, the difference between the average scores for Blacks and Whites would be far greater than 15 per cent.

This Black inability to reason inferentially and to deal with abstract concepts is reflected in the almost total absence of Blacks in those professions requiring abstract reasoning ability of a high order: physics and mathematics, for example.”


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    1. Socrates Says:

      Hey, Will Williams, can VNN post this essay in full?