11 March, 2019

White Philosophy: Want Endless Wars? Then Support Globalism!

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Carolyn Yeager wrote: “It’s popular to call Nationalists “sleepwalkers”. One theory about WWI is that the world leaders “sleepwalked” into war, unaware of what they were doing and bringing on.”

No, the world leaders didn’t “sleepwalk” into war.

The Jews cause wars, yes. But, dare I say it, globalism causes wars even more than the Jews, because the Jews can’t drag a truly “isolationist” country into a war. The Jews need globalism in order to drag various countries into wars; they need the mentality of internationalism in order to foment conflict. How can you fight wars if everyone stays home and minds their own business? That’s why America must return to isolationism — genuine isolationism, that is.

  • 5 Responses to “White Philosophy: Want Endless Wars? Then Support Globalism!”

    1. Coon Crusher Says:

      Isn’t globalism just a euphemism that zio worshippers give for Zionism. It seems they are one and the same. Yes I agree it is a vehicle for kikery but at the least I believe it is caused by zionism.

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Wars are the jews harvests where they make pots of money and kill off the best White men.

    3. Maynard Says:

      I think the following video is pretty good since it is coming from “normies”.


    4. fd Says:

      The home office of globalism is Washington city. America is the largest Jewish center in the world. Hateful surveillance and rigors of military despotism.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      The Jews wont stop causing and financing wars
      Their primary occupation

      Till they are forced to relinquish control over central banks.
      And media.