14 April, 2019

Colorado Passes “Red Flag” Anti-Gun Law (15th State to Do So)

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(Above: the flag of the Soviet Union — the real red flag that Colorado lawmakers pledge allegiance to)

Wife, on the telephone: “Hello??? Yes, my husband just looked at me strangely, and then he said something sarcastic about our new Chinese neighbors! Well, you see, the thing is, my husband owns guns! Two or three of them! Hurry, you must stop him, before it’s too late!!”

Police: “Okay, ma’am, don’t worry, we’ll be right over to confiscate all of his guns!”


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  7. One Response to “Colorado Passes “Red Flag” Anti-Gun Law (15th State to Do So)”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Colorado is now suffering from the Liberal retards in this state electing a
      Communist Jewish Faggot- no shit we now have a fag for “first lady”!
      The Red Flag law is just the beginning!
      The Communist (ie- demonrat ) controlled house and senate have already passed
      Legislation to kill the oil and gas industry here . Especially Weld county which is the Texas
      Of Colorado. They have already mandated preschool also to start brainwashing the
      Goyim early as possible. Proof that once the Commie Rats take control of your state
      You are Fucking Screwed White Man!

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