5 April, 2019

Cultural Marxism (i.e., Big Fag) is On the March Again in D.C., Pushing for the Same “Equality” Law Since 1974

Posted by Socrates in 'transgender', Big Fag, communism, Cultural Marxism, equality, homosexual themes, homosexuals, jewed Congress, jewed culture, Marxism, Marxism and equality, Socrates, trannies at 1:55 pm | Permanent Link

The liberals and the Jews are so desperate to pass this law that they’ve been trying to pass it for the past 45 years! Human equality is the Holy Grail of the communists, the leftists and the Jews. They’ll do anything in the name of equality, no matter how ridiculous it might be. Never mind that human equality is impossible to achieve:

“The original Equality Act was developed by U.S. Representatives Bella Abzug (D-NY) and Ed Koch (D-NY) in 1974” — Wikipedia. (Note: both Abzug and Koch were Jews).


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