8 April, 2019

MGTOWs and FA (Forever Alone) Men

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Thanks to feminism, many White men are going it alone today. They don’t want to date/marry a feminist, since it would only end in disaster: “broken homes” for the kids and alimony payments/massive property losses for the men [Forums].

Yes, this attitude plays right into the hands of the Jews (i.e., there will be fewer White families), but there seems to be no alternative right now (other than creating WN communities in the “Whiter” states, e.g., PLE [Pioneer Little Europe]. Another idea — I don’t know if it could work — is to create a MGTOW movement so huge and so powerful that most women would be forced to give up their feminist ideologies or never have romantic relationships, a situation which would be difficult for most women to endure).

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    1. Iceberg Slim Says:

      you guys need to develop a stronger “pimp hand” (metaphorically) and then problem solved

      start by never ever dating your “social equal” — as example– if you went to college then only date those who didn’t, or didn’t finish. you gotta have advantages.

      So don’t pick a woman based on how much your aging parents will “approve” of her, pick her based on how much she follows orders now and is liable to in the future as well.

      give orders early and often to test them out. be aggressive about money. they better bring some money to the table. don’t be a sucker breadwinner and all that. stop thinking like a bunch of squares.

      once you have locked in an appropriately submissive woman, after a long confirmation time, maybe then you can get a prenup and get married if you want kids., otherwise forget it. never never never get married without a prenup. if that is the deal, walk away, because it’s 100% guaranteed you are being set up for a screw job on down the line.

      most of all turn that heart into an icebox. now

    2. fd Says:

      The downside to these women who choose to be feminist and wage war on nature is mental problems. They suddenly wake up in their 30s with no children and no family to call their own. They fall apart. A lot of White girls become bitter and make a career of race mixing. They bottom out.

      I don’t think being a hard case authoritarian suggested in the post above is a good idea. A prenup and a marriage license is status quo. Stay out of the courthouse. Your cohabitation should be free from government interference. No contracts.

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      Good morning, Mr. Sunshine
      You brighten up my day
      Come sit beside me in your way

      I see you every morning
      Outside the restaurant
      The music plays so nonchalant

      Lonely days, lonely nights
      Where would I be without my woman

      You blokes have treated women like fuckmeat for at the 50 yrs., now you are paying the price. Thanks to Hugh Hefner. You made him a tall poppy, he made you lonely.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      We need our womenfolk on our Team to win this fight for our very survival . The traditional
      Male/female roles have been turned on their head. Among the married couples i know
      The male has become Beta maled out. “The Wife” runs the show and schedules their
      Lives—-LITERALLY! !
      How can u want to be with a “modern female” when they want to completely
      Cuckold you?
      Women who will “take orders”
      Even friendly well intentioned ones are a relic of the past before the 1960s cultural
      Revolution turned June Cleaver into a raging resentful man hating fembot.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      We do need our women.

      But have you noticed that all the great magicians and artists are MEN?

      We must reclaim our right to be artists and magicians.

      In this way, we put a spell on the women, while they think that they are putting a spell on us!

      They WANT us to put a spell on them! They want us to us artistry and magic to woo them! It works!!!!!!!!

    6. Luke Says:

      “Yes, this attitude plays right into the hands of the Jews (i.e., there will be fewer White families)”

      Which is why I have a very strong suspicion that the entire MGTOW / FA ‘movement’ is more than likely created by jews, and why it seems to get heavily promoted by jews.

      Whenever I see some new phenomena suddenly rise within White Western culture and it begins to gain traction – and whenever this new phenomena just happens to benefit the jewish White genocide agenda, my automatic assumption is that it did not occur by coincidence.

      But, I still agree that feminism is a very dangerous form of mental insanity and men should avoid getting involved with women who are infected with it.