20 April, 2019

Open Thread: The Endless War On White People

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The War On White People has been going on for some time (it picked up serious speed after 1945), but it really began in earnest in Summer 2014 with the bold, fake, media-driven Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Today, White people (who gave the world to mankind) are treated like 2nd-class and 3rd-class citizens in their own countries!

Readers, post your own examples of the endless War On White People here, in the comments section below. Here’s one example:

Canada: Black man runs down and kills White man with a vehicle, and then flees, yet, citing “White racism,” the female judge gives him no jail time: [Here]. (His victim: [Here]).

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    1. Luke Says:

      Incrementalism is a finely tuned and deployed weapon of the left. And, the so-called ‘right’ – the side of the political spectrum who PRETENDS as though they are defenders of the rational, sane, healthy, and traditional values and standards of morality and decency within Western Civilization – have repeatedly rolled over and caved in whenever these mentally sick liberals decide its time to push their depravity and degeneracy farther and farther into the mainstream culture. Not one of these sick and abnormal degenerate behaviors have resulted in any push back from the impotent Right. Not one. What we see instead is submission and weakness
      and ultimately – complete capitulation.

      We will see the leading political ‘leaders’ on the Right deciding to jump out in front of this latest liberal poisonous agenda to undermine and subvert the moral fabric of American society and they will become champions of protecting the ‘rights’ of child molesters, so as to make sure the left doesn’t gain any political advantage by being the only cheer leaders for pedophilia practitioners.


      Oh, and is it worth pointing out that the jewish moral depravity and racially destructive degeneracy that is now being imposed upon America – mirrors what the grandparents of these same jews foisted upon Weimar Republic Germany?

      Yes, I do think that is a point that needs to be shouted from the roof tops. And, then followed up with this question:

      Where is our much needed clone of Hitler?

    2. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Think the N.A. numbers of assaults at every level possible by Congoids against European descendants is much larger than S.A. It’s now at a level that regimes solution is to be to shut down all information transfer along with extrem tyranny on Whites. Egar J. Steele wrote a book sent to Swamp tools and they did go after him for it IMO.

    3. fd Says:

      Until White people escape central despotism, it’s not likely much will be accomplished.

    4. painter Says:

      Black Fedex driver killed white who yelled at him for speeding in a residential zone, got away with it.


    5. fd Says:

      Modern day racism is a failure when I compare it to the racism I cut my teeth on as a teenager in the 2d half of the 1960s. This new racism is trapped in a closed cycle of liberal — conservative / left — right. Sterile arguments that go nowhere. The Jews are still laughing.

      When the Federals march hither to a White racial hot zone as they did in the ’60s, it means the folk are a threat to the criminal establishment.