20 April, 2019

The Green Marxists: Are They Crazy? Or Just Cruel?

Posted by Socrates in child abuse via liberal propaganda, climate change, green Marxism, leftism, leftist/liberal cruelty, leftists, liberal mindset, liberalism, liberals, Socrates at 3:57 pm | Permanent Link

1970s: “Global cooling/an ice age will doom us all in 12 years!”

1995: “Global warming (new phrase) will doom us all in 12 years!”

2018: “Climate change (new phrase) will doom us all in 12 years!”

Why does the “climate hysteria” language keep changing? Isn’t scaring children with apocalyptic “global warming” language also known as “child abuse”? (yes, it is. Deliberately causing mental/emotional distress in children is illegal in Texas and no doubt in other states, too).


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