27 April, 2019

White Art

Posted by Socrates in art, Socrates, White art/architecture at 3:04 pm | Permanent Link

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, “Portrait of Hippolyte-Francois Devillers” (1811)

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  7. One Response to “White Art”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Nice coat.
      Might as well pitch it in the trash though.

      Because the Mud peoples will when they take over .
      No reason to keep pictures of evil hateful raysist old whitey.
      Sad what happens to your art
      Your history
      Your monuments
      Your street names
      Your school names and mascots
      Your future
      When non Whites or self hating Whites -ie liberals
      Take over .
      Already removing you and your shit in the American South.
      South Afrika is farther along .
      Whites there are facing a genocidal race war there. Soon
      As the Red Niggers and Jews feel they can get away with it.
      Question is will Whites here allow themselves to be painted
      Into that Desperate Corner?
      Will we have a bloody Civil Race war to free ourselves from Jew
      Central bank dominion and planned destruction?
      Its either them in the trenches covered by lime or us .
      Way i see it.