27 May, 2019

Book Review: Race Differences in Ethnocentrism (Racism)

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“Those who advocate Multiculturalism seem to have lost an important instinct towards group — and thus genetic — preservation. Once a society, as a whole, espouses Multiculturalism as a dominant ideology then the society is acting against its own genetic interests and will ultimately destroy itself.”
— the author Ed Dutton.

Indeed, what do you get when you flood America with millions of Mexicans? Mexico II. Why would anyone want that? Isn’t one Mexico enough? Do we need two?


“On the other hand, Europeans, argues Dutton, occupy a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of very low ethnocentrism because they are less K-selected than East Asians, have a larger gene pool, and their environment is less harsh, leading to lower levels of group selection.”

Yep. Whites, sadly, are the nicest people on earth. Niceness will get you genocided.

[Book Review].

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    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      One Mexico is already one too many! The same can be said of most turd world shitholes

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