22 May, 2019

Crude Rabbit Sculpture is Sold for $91 Million Dollars. Why?

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(Above: a real sculpture: “Two Sisters” by Auguste Moreau, bronze, circa 1880).

Genuine art is something that a non-artist could not create. But any machinist, foundry worker or metal fabricator could create that steel rabbit which sold for much more than any Rembrandt masterpiece (a “second-class” Rembrandt was on sale in 2004 for $46 million). (But on the bright side, great art is cheaper these days, thanks to the Jewing of the art world [1]).


[1] “Jews are dominant in virtually all controlling facets of the modern art world.” — When Victims Rule, an online book

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  7. One Response to “Crude Rabbit Sculpture is Sold for $91 Million Dollars. Why?”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I think that the Mr. Peanut, shown behind the floating mylar rabbit in the parade, is every bit as good.