8 May, 2019

Glorifying the Worst Apocalypse in Human History. Why?

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(Above: Dresden, Germany, after being destroyed by allied firebombs, Feb. 1945; the allies firebombed Dresden knowing that it was occupied only by civilians).

World War II was the most horrible war in history. Yes. More people were killed (around 50 million), more people were maimed, and more property was destroyed than in any previous war. Given that fact, it’s surprising that WWII is so romanticized today.

Jews instigated and engineered WWII in order to wipe out their arch enemy, Nazi Germany. The slogan “Only The Jew Won World War II” should be well known by now. But it isn’t — yet. Nonetheless, that’s why that war keeps being glorified and celebrated, 70 years later; the Jews are proud of the carnage and suffering they produced; and the war even gave them Israel, albeit indirectly [1].


[1] the “6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazis” fable, and the allied victory in the war, delivered Palestine (Israel) into Jewish hands

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    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      The jew marches through history like a crazed cyborg destroying all superior life and achievement. For how long can Nature stand silent?

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