27 May, 2019

Memorial Day

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(Above: the reality of war: deadly, not romantic, despite what your Army recruiter tells you. White men, stop dying in stupid wars — wars usually fought for Jewish benefit).

This Memorial Day, let us remember all of the insane wars that America didn’t have to fight (most of them, in other words). If memory serves me correctly, the only war that America had to fight was the War of 1812, when Britain physically invaded American soil (i.e., Fort Mackinac/Mackinac Island). All the rest of the wars were completely unnecessary and in fact genocidal. (What about Japan and WWII, you ask? Ha! America goaded Japan into attacking Hawaii, thanks largely to the efforts of the Jewish traitor and Soviet agent, Harry Dexter White).

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  7. 5 Responses to “Memorial Day”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      Wars are the jew’s harvests. Money and taxes into jew pockets, and the best and bravest White men destroyed.

    2. Luke Says:

      I would add one more necessary war – the Revolutionary War.

      I seriously doubt that Great Britain would have ever voluntarily allowed the Colonies to break apart and form their own independent nation. And, as if to prove my point – the War of 1812 was viewed by many historians as nothing more than an attempt to retake the Colonies and reverse the outcome of the War of Independence.

      Anyone else agree with this analysis?

    3. joe white Says:

      This is not correct.

      The British did not want war (and have never wanted war with USA – who they consider cousins). In fact it was the rather dumb government of Madison – who declared war on britain and then invaded Canada. The british sent a small contingent of their army and navy, who were under orders to raid but not take or retain territory. The war was opposed by many of the eastern costal states of the union who were losing transatlantic trade. It was an unnecessary war caused by dumb politicians. Britain and the British people have never wanted war with the USA

    4. Luke Says:

      So, those ornery, racist, White nationalists who fought on the battlefield against the mighty British Army so as to win their freedom from Great Britain used some kind of mental telepathy to force the British soldier’s fingers to pull the triggers on their rifles while pointing them in the direction of the Colonialists? Using these magical mental powers to overcome the unwillingness and reluctance of King George’s Army (and King George himself, I guess you would assert) to try to put down the revolution?

      As I recall my American history, regarding the list of grievances that the Colonialists lodged against King George – I distinctly remember the very important one of punitive and confiscatory levels of taxation. Greed therefore played a huge role in the British attempt to squash the Colonialists and put down the revolution. Using the force and might of the powerful British Army and Navy, no less.

      You may well be correct in your claim that the British people never wanted war with the 13 Colonies – but, you are dead wrong about the political elite class.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      The War of 1812 was forced on America . Great Britain was impressing
      Americans into their navy and not recognizing our Sovereignty.
      Including the White house was sacked and burned.
      But the hidden motive of England was to force us back into the Jew run
      British banking system . Andrew Jackson killed the Bank during his
      Presidency. Supposedly his gravestone reads
      “I killed the bank ”

      Wars are as much about economics as about territory and principles.