5 May, 2019

Why Do They Really, Really Hate Donald Trump?

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They hated Richard Nixon. But they really, really, severely hate Trump. Why?

I could type for awhile about this topic, but let’s keep it simple:

Reason #1: Trump is a populist. Meaning, among other things, that he’s unconventional and unpredictable compared to “mainstream” conservatives. He champions “the little guy/the average guy” which makes him popular with everyone. He could also inspire other populists to follow his lead. Jews hate populists. They remember the 1930s, when Father Coughlin was popular and Huey Long almost won the presidency before he was murdered by a Jewish doctor.

Reason #2: Trump has publicly made protectionist, anti-globalist, anti-immigrant, “racist” statements [1][2]. This scares the Jews since they are very afraid of “official” racism (i.e., racism that comes from government officials rather than citizens).

There are other reasons, sure, but those are the two main reasons why they really hate Donald Trump.

[1] on the very day he announced his presidential candidacy — i.e., on June 16, 2015 — Trump said in a speech that he would build a “great wall” on America’s southern border to keep illegal immigrants out. That’s “taboo.” And in the same speech, he “insulted” illegal aliens by suggesting that they are criminals and rapists — that’s also taboo

[2] “America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.” — Trump, in a UN speech, Sep. 2018

  • 2 Responses to “Why Do They Really, Really Hate Donald Trump?”

    1. Luke Says:

      So, why do they hate the guy – who has flip flopped on almost every campaign promise he made in 2016?

      From where I sit, it looks to me like the jews have managed to put their dog collar around his neck and instead of MAGA, the dirt bag spends all of his energy and political power kissing Israel’s ass.


    2. Socrates Says:

      Yes, Trump has been the best friend Israel ever had. So why do Jews hate him?

      One possible reason: not all Jews are Zionists. Some actually dislike Israel, i.e., they see the Jewish state as more of a burden than a help.