10 June, 2019

America, the Sitcom, Part 32

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1. “An elderly man in New York was arrested for shooting two burglars in his house, not for murdering the intruders, but for shooting them with an unregistered gun.” [Here].

2. Drag Queen Story Hour: “drag queens” (why do they call them “queens”?) read to children at American public libraries. Why? I can guess. [Here].

  • One Response to “America, the Sitcom, Part 32”

    1. Mein Kampf Says:

      I’m enjoying the shit ridden terminal madness that is the Kwanstain.
      Many family members are cut off due to their cuck race traitor vote for Chimpy the Kenyan.
      Boomercucks will have at least I’m not a wayciss etched on their tombstones. How ironic that foreigners and mooncrickets are the main employees at nursing homes so the boomercucks can finally experience muh diversity.
      I’m going to laugh my ass off at the collapse and all the drooling mongoloid kwannies who think the police and military will save them.