30 June, 2019

Donald Trump Has Just Won the 2020 Election

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This is an absolute, over-the-top-insane idea. If all illegal aliens get “free” healthcare (paid for by Whitey’s tax dollars), every Brown and Black person in the world is going to try to sneak into America. My god, what a nightmarish, “Camp of the Saints” scenario. Wow! Trump just won the 2020 election.

“DNC Chair Perez defends free healthcare for illegal immigrants: ‘This is not a handout’”


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  7. 6 Responses to “Donald Trump Has Just Won the 2020 Election”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Trump just won?

      Not if all the illegals vote against him, and believe me, they and their dead ancestors will vote against Trump. Even their unborn offspring will vote against him.

      The ghosts of dead Americans who will still be lingering around after Halloween of 2020, having seen the light in the afterworld and become Democrats, will all vote against Trump.

    2. Chandala Says:

      The American population is 4 percent of the world population, and declining. The white American population is even less.

      For every American citizen there are 25 third worlders pounding on the gates, trying to get into the country.

      For every member of your American family there are 25 illegal aliens smashing at your front door trying to break into your house so they have a your house to live in and your food to eat.

      For every American citizen in the life boat there are 25 black or brown people floundering the water, struggling to clamber aboard, threatening to chuck you overboard to the sharks, so they have more room in the life boat, and eventually to sink the life boat anyway.

      When do we slam the door shut ?
      When the Communists have finally flooded the country with enough of the third world proletarian class to incite a Communist class warfare revolution in the USA, instead of Russia this time ?
      When you have 25 or 50 or 75 invaders squatting in your living room, taking over you house and your country ?

      Saving the third world is not our problem. Especially when it’s just being used as a tactic by our enemies to overthrow our government and install their dictatorial one world Communist tyranny.

      The time to slam the door shut is now, while we still have a chance, and then begin the great deportation, starting with the people who are behind the treasonous “open borders” policy.

    3. Creepy Ass Cracka Says:

      Fuck the chili choking pepper bellies. Talk back in German when they are doing the I speaka no English act.
      It is time to make subhuman mudraces feel unwelcome and to let them know that the people are not the government.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      If ebola has indeed been brought to America by Congolese illegals, that just might do the trick.

    5. Todd Alpine Says:

      The white race made a fatal mistake when they stopped taking land and wiping out undesirable people thanks to the fabled jew call jebus from a fucking book. Now we are facing our extinction. White women everywhere fucking niggers and non whites and feeling justified, the police against white people at every turn. Politicians with any power all trying their hardest to suck brown dick, and jews controlling it all.

      And white people will not even consider what must be done for us to survive as a race; all brown races must be reduced to an unrecoverable level and the jew down to the last must be at the very least sterilized. It must be done or we die out. The weak inherit the earth; 120 cubic feet of it.

    6. Zero Says:

      Chandala: Apparently we’re never going to “slam the door shut” because our people have already given their government over to the Communists. It’s OUR people who are homeless in the streets, pushed from their homes and jobs. It’s not Mexicans, Africans, Arabs, or Jews who you see homeless, it’s European White Americans and it’s OUR people who continue to pay the tax dollars for the “programs” that do this to their fellow citizens. It’s positively sickening to see. I will never understand HOW this has been acceptable because it’s NOT acceptable to me!!