7 June, 2019

For Newbies: What is Western Culture? Can Negroes and Mexicans Really Become Part of It?

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(Above: the West. Not shown: the U.S.A. and Canada. Source: Wikipedia).

In the article below, there is a mention of a Jewish “conservative” advocating for multiculturalism and racial diversity. But does multiculturalism make sense for America and other Western countries? Is multiculturalism a “conservative” idea? What exactly is “Western” anyway?

One of the key things that I learned from Dr. William L. Pierce is that American culture is Western culture (as opposed to Eastern culture, such as Japan and China), and that Blacks and Browns cannot become part of it. Western culture is White culture. Period. Whites created the West. Even though a Black lives in a Western country, he will never really be part of it. He will only be superficially Western. He may wear Western clothes, and speak a Western language, but he cannot be Western. He isn’t White. He doesn’t “think White.” This idea that Western countries can fill up with Blacks and Browns and still be Western is bullshit. In fact, American cities like New York City and Baltimore can already be called “non-Western” due to their high numbers of non-White residents. Multiculturalism will destroy the West, as sure as day follows night. (It should be a felony to publicly advocate for multiculturalism in any Western country).


  • 3 Responses to “For Newbies: What is Western Culture? Can Negroes and Mexicans Really Become Part of It?”

    1. Wewelsburg SS Says:

      WWII was really about White Nationalism vs. Communism. Without aid from the UK and US the USSR would have been defeated.
      Their best generals were mud and winter. The Germans should have known about the T-34 tank since they trained in Russia during the interwar period to get around the Versailles treaty.
      Since the Germans had no heavy four engine bomber the Russians moved all the factories past the Ural mountains where no two engine fast bomber could reach.
      As for Western culture it is already a bloated rotting carcass destroyed by egalitarianism, feminism and communism.

    2. Chandala Says:

      Hitler didn’t know about the T-34, and many other of Stalin’s massive pre-war preparations for his planned conquest of all of Europe, because he was stabbed in the back by traitors within Germany itself. Admiral Canaris, chief of Abwehr early in the war, was chief among the traitors. Hitler eventually caught on to Canaris’s betrayal and treason, but too late.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      David Brooks is a half assed cuck servative who is encouraging
      Whites to give into the multi culty Lie.
      His path leads to oppressed minority status for Whites here
      And eventual Genocide of our people.
      Aka “The South Afrika Treatment”
      Where Whites give up power first at the behest of Jews
      Then give up their land without compensation
      Then give up their lives and future.

      Fuck David Hymie Brooks