6 June, 2019

Good Tweet About the Border Wall

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From someone:

“By the time they build the wall everybody in Mexico will already be here.”

  • 4 Responses to “Good Tweet About the Border Wall”

    1. Sturmf├╝hrer-SS Says:

      I almost feel bad for anyone who fell for the Trumpstein schtick. All branches of the Uniparty are in on the sellout.
      Will we still be a first world super duper power when we are North Mexico?
      Maybe an update to the John Lenin working class hero song, a failed narco state is something to be.

    2. Kwannie the Goy Says:

      Surely president Kushner can do something about this wall. Oh…it will be to keep the kulak deplorables in.

    3. Luke Says:

      I don’t know if Ann Coulter came up with that quote, but the first time I saw it, was in one of her recent columns.

      More and more, I am convinced that this jewish war to destroy White America cannot possibly be won without millions of gallons of blood being spilled.

    4. JoeyVirgo Says:

      By the time the tariffs kick in, most of Mexico will already be here.