5 June, 2019

LGBTQ “Pride”? Complete Nonsense

Posted by Socrates in "gay marriage", "gay pride", "gay", "gender theory", Big Fag, Cultural Marxism, homosexual themes, homosexuals, jewed culture, Magnus Hirschfeld, Socrates at 1:07 pm | Permanent Link

It’s a clever and annoying psychological trick: telling people that you’re “proud” to be a homosexual, when, in fact, you often cry your eyes out because nature, for whatever reason, made you abnormal and you hate it. People would have more respect for you if you just said that, rather than lying about it and parading around in pink leather. (By the way, newbies, the pro-homosexual movement has been led almost entirely by Jews).


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  7. 5 Responses to “LGBTQ “Pride”? Complete Nonsense”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, it is true—many homosexuals know that they are screwed up. Some of them have killed themselves, instead of going on as they are.

      But two of my friends turned out to be gay–one of them, after being a wonderful father and a good husband.

      I don’t think that they can help it. They are screwed up. But they are still my friends.


      My gay friends don’t do this—-they just want to be left alone. Someone else is pushing the agenda. Gays are being used, just as the nigras were used.

      They are being used by those who do not care about them, and who just want to smear it in our faces

      You know who they are.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The Red Skull
      Wants all his fans
      Followers Groupies and
      Assorted Hangers On
      To know
      That he is a Huge Hockey Fan!
      The Whitest Sport around.
      No wonder Big Jew makes it hard to be a fan.
      However i am Dismayed and Disappointed
      That the NHL would have the nerve to promote
      “Gay pride ” month this month.
      This is unnecessary fuss over fags

      The Queers get to have “pride ” over being deviants
      Perverts and vile lifestyles
      But God forbid if u wanna have “White Pride”?
      Suddenly you are an eveeel sexist racist bigot
      Homophobe who wants like Hitler to wax 6
      Million ? Jews.
      Even the NHL upper management is now Jew run
      Or this shit wouldnt be in our face.
      Also shows the moral degradation of our? Society
      If they can infect a once healthy normal White Sport
      Like Hockey
      Hockey should be the National Game
      All Leagues to be televised
      In our new Racial Nation State
      It will be!

    3. True Sons of Adolf Says:

      They want to be celebrated and not just tolerated. Our external enemies are laughing their asses off at how easy it will be to conquer the Kwanstain.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      A true Aryan hockey player, be he a son of France, or Canada. or of some other country, would take his hockey stick and smash the mouth and break the teeth of the degraders and the oppressors of our people.

      As I live, that day is coming, and coming soon.

    5. Fedup Says:

      The whole gay pride thing is utter nonsense. If it’s not, then why isn’t there a heterosexual pride movement, parades and grand celebrations? Because it’s nonsense and the media and others have taken it over the top like they do with everything. We make WAY TOO big a deal over people’s sex lives. Sex is but one part of who we are as human beings. At least I hope so. Why are we making such a “thing” about gay pride, as though it’s something everyone should aspire to? I for one am happy being heterosexual but if someone else is gay I am not going to come unglued. At the same time I don’t expect that I should need or be required to celebrate with whom they have sex (as long as it’s a consenting adult). Are they going to celebrate that I am heterosexual? I certainly don’t expect them to. However I do see this whole gay pride thing drifting into the area of “Hey, it’s cool to be gay and boring to be straight.” Or “It’s the thing to do today! Be gay!” We should not be promoting gay as the norm. It’s not and it never will be. We should not be promoting it as the “in thing.” I think the whole pride thing is nonsense and I often feel as though gay people want to ram their sexual preference down everyone’s throat. Sort of like when religious people do the same thing. You are WRONG in their eyes if you aren’t like them and they’re going to let you know it as they dance down the street in some parade. Deliver me!