12 June, 2019

Say What You Will About Donald Trump, But…

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…he deserves major credit for one thing: he almost single-handedly destroyed the mainstream media with his weekly “fake news” meme. I foresee big media companies going bankrupt soon.

“A lot of the public is really alienated from a lot of the journalism that they see – they don’t find it particularly trustworthy, they don’t find it particularly relevant and they don’t find it leaves them in a better place.”


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  7. One Response to “Say What You Will About Donald Trump, But…”

    1. Honklermania Says:

      Trump has made the RATs come out in the open which is a good thing.
      Don’t waste time on “normies” who refuse to wake up to the replacement, displacement, genocide plan.
      Time is too short to waste on cloud cuckoo land dwellers who recoil in fear at reality.

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