12 June, 2019

The Left Changed Its Ideology Re: Immigration, or, Amazing Cohencidences

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An important essay. The Left has changed its stance on immigration. Just before Donald Trump was elected (he was elected in late 2016), enforcing immigration laws anywhere in the West suddenly became “immoral” [1][2]. That’s a very big problem for anyone who cares about the Western world.

“Politicians of both left and right used to agree a nation’s immigration policies should advance the interests of nation and people. That was yesterday. A new morality has taken hold throughout the West, advancing open borders as a moral imperative and equating patriotism with racism. Progressives have all-but abandoned the interests of working men and women.”

[Article] (FYI, Haidt is a Jew).

[1] the Left wants more immigration for political reasons. Historically, the Left has promised more government “goodies” to non-White immigrants (food stamps, welfare, etc.), so naturally the immigrants vote for leftist candidates.

[2] German Chancellor Angela Merkel played a huge role in liberalizing attitudes about Brown immigration into the West. I really must wonder if it’s just a coincidence (i.e., Cohencidence) that Merkel literally opened the immigration floodgates into Germany — by admitting Brown refugees — in August 2015, just two months after Donald Trump publicly “bashed” Mexican immigrants during a speech when he announced his candidacy for president in June 2015. Just two months afterwards! What a Cohencidence!

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    1. Nixon Has His Revenge Says:

      Locally used to be rural route farms and ranches. Now it is a particle board apartments eyesore chock full of foreigners in tribal garb waving around $100 bills from Uncle Sugar at big box marts.
      You hardly hear any English being spoken anymore and the replacements no longer hide the disdain they have for Whitey since they are emboldened by a government that places them above the Kulaks.
      People who view the government as their mommy will get what they so richly deserve when the plug is pulled on the backed by nothing ZOG buck$.