1 June, 2019

The May 31st Virginia Beach Incident: Another Mass Shooting, Another Negro Gunman. Yet, Mass Shootings in the USA Are Usually Portrayed as “White Actions”

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Did you know that around 75% of mass shooters are Black? [1]. Yet, the American media usually says that mass murder via firearms is a White thing. Curious, huh?

[1] “mass shooters” is being defined here as “persons who shoot 4 or more victims at once”: “The New York Times identified and analyzed these 358 shootings with four or more casualties…” and found that “nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black.” See the news article “A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening” by Sharon LaFraniere, Daniela Porat and Agustin Armendariz, The New York Times, May 22, 2016, [Here]

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  7. 5 Responses to “The May 31st Virginia Beach Incident: Another Mass Shooting, Another Negro Gunman. Yet, Mass Shootings in the USA Are Usually Portrayed as “White Actions””

    1. Arian Says:

      We will never have honest media, so long as it is in ( their ) hands.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Watched a bit of coverage on this sad incident.
      Noticed that no pic of the gunman was shown.
      Didnt know he was a groid until reading this intro
      If he was White his pic would’ve been all over.

      What are THEY trying to hide??

    3. Creepy Ass Cracka Says:

      Barry Soetoro was in Brazil saying Johnny Kulak could buy flamethrowers and machine guns online two for a dollar and then this shooting happens.
      Didn’t NDAA authorize psyops, false flags, and fake news on US soil?

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      It is obvious to me that he was gunning for whites since most of his victims were white and these governmental buildings are just swarming with black employees.

      He had to discriminate to get that many whites.

    5. WhiteWinger Says:

      All the White Guilters and smug, ruttin’-struttin’ nigger racists need to do is type in “Black Serial Killers” in a search engine, and VOILA!!!! But they’d rather die than ever do it – nothing worse to Leftists, than White racists being right regarding their beloved, sacrosanct, prized, poooooooo’ , preeeeeeeeecious magickal negroes.