13 June, 2019

The Mestizo Menace

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Politics in Mexico always has been completely corrupt at every level. With enough money anything can be done, and one can easily buy exemption from punishment for any crime. Judges, politicians, and police officials are all for sale — or at least, for rent. Without money, however, one can expect no mercy and no justice in Mexico — especially if one is a gringo.

Racial hatred has become an increasingly important motivation in Mexican and other Central American attacks against Whites. The population of Mexico today is about 30 per cent more or less pure-blooded Indians; about 60 per cent mestizos, or European-Indian mongrels; and less than 10 per cent Whites, most of Spanish origin. Social caste in Mexico is based largely on the percentage of White — that is, Spanish — blood a person has, with Indians at the bottom of the social hierarchy, Whites at the top, and mestizos distributed in between roughly on the basis of their degree of Whiteness.”


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