6 June, 2019

The Metric System: Who Needs It? Frenchmen and American Liberals, Apparently

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Liberal chick: “But-but-but, the French adopted the metric system! So did every other European country!”

Yeah, whatever, babe.

Good points made here. Someone said that the English system is “more intuitive” than the metric system. That’s right. How do you say, “it’s 3/4 full” or “gimme half of that” in metric? Wonder what Jerry Abbott thinks about metric…

[Article] and [Article].

  • 3 Responses to “The Metric System: Who Needs It? Frenchmen and American Liberals, Apparently”

    1. Tarrasik Says:

      The Imperial system is superior to the metric system because it allows you to use both fractions and decimal measure. You have a choice. Engineers use decimal inch. Carpenters use fractions. The entire US industry, space program, military, are all built on the Imperial system.

      Metric is not as intuitive as Imperial. It divides the world into arbitrary units of ten. Ten is a horrible number. It fails for time, where the 24 hour day proves superior. It fails for angles where the 360 degree circle proves superior.

      In a shop, working with fractional measure is not difficult once you understand a few simple techniques. I find it easier than metric.

      Imperial fractions are a binary series, or base 2, where you have 1/n^2. Or 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16. Computers are binary.

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Australia went metric a few years ago. Now there are stupid messages on the radio such as, ‘police are looking for a tanned man 1.8 metres in height’. Instead of saying ‘police are looking for a 6 foot negro’.

    3. Tarrasik Says:

      Ha, that would be quite a sight, a negro with six feet.