22 June, 2019

What Happens When Jews, Not Whites, Control Nationalist Gatherings in the Western World

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Newbies, here are several important points about this article:

1. Jews are not genetically White, and they have a peculiar worldview that is not compatible with White Western culture [1]. There’s a reason for VNN’s slogan “No Jews, Just Right.” That means, among other things: White people should not allow Jews into their political/racial organizations.

2. Only Whites can lead nationalist movements in the Western world. Western culture is White and only White.

3. The greatest enemy that White people have — both then and now – are the Jews. Blacks are trouble, yes, but they have no power. Jews have incredible power.

Remember those things above and maybe, just maybe, Whites will have a chance at saving the Western world from extinction by 2050.

(Note: Hazony and Brog are both Jewish)[Article].

[1] “White” means “White European” (e.g., British, German, Swedish) and Jews aren’t

  • One Response to “What Happens When Jews, Not Whites, Control Nationalist Gatherings in the Western World”

    1. Der Stürmer Says:

      Trumpstein is owned by them and the base is too dim witted drooling dullard to figure out why the immigration is three times worse than under Hussein Hopenchange the half breed genetic misfire.
      U.N. Resettlement and charities of all religions are raking in the ca$h off of these future lifetime democrat voters.
      They will be easier to control since they will be welfare check Uncle $ugar dependent from the minute they arrive in the Kwanstain.
      Remember Ghadaffi warning about the migrant crisis? This is all intentional.