24 June, 2019

White Philosophy for Newbies: Today’s White-Hating Leftists are All Psychological Jews

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How did liberals come to hate White people? It wasn’t always that way with the Left. The Old Left (circa 1920s-1950s) didn’t hate Whites. It focused mostly on class issues (rich vs. poor) and labor issues (organizing and running labor unions, pushing for better wages and improved working conditions, etc.).

The New Left (circa 1964-onward), however, has a psychotic obsession with race and human equality. The New Left hates White people. Such race-hate could have only come from…that’s right: Jews. It was Jews who built the NAACP, it was Jews who created the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration Act of 1965, it was Jews who built and funded the anti-racism movement (in America and in England, too). The Jewish-controlled media in America has led the “White people are evil racists” drumbeat since at least 1975, and ditto Hollywood. The “father” of the New Left is the Jewish Marxist, Herbert Marcuse. Political Correctness (a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) came from the Jewish teachers at the Frankfurt School.

Today’s leftists are, psychologically speaking, Jews. They’ve been Jewified. They’re not gentiles. They’re Jewntiles. The New Left is far more dangerous than the Old Left. The federal government investigated and blacklisted the Old Left. Why doesn’t it investigate and blacklist the New Left?

  • One Response to “White Philosophy for Newbies: Today’s White-Hating Leftists are All Psychological Jews”

    1. True Sons Of Adolf Says:

      Equality is pure communist crap. It is all an affront against nature and it will not last. Nature is undefeated and will never lose.
      Multi-Kult insanity is rejected by all tribes and it only stands because it is enforced by the barrel of a ZOG gun.
      Nothing is more hilarious than minorities in name only (MINO) prattling on about waycism and slabery when they have had everything go their way for almost 60 years.
      They think that they have it all wrapped up because ZOG has some political use for them…for now.
      The stupid looks on their faces when they get tossed overboard just like Whitey will be priceless.