10 July, 2019

America, the Big Chump Up North

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Brown illegal alien detainee #1: “Waaaaaaaaa! We snuck into this White country and all we got were hot meals, hot showers, fresh water, medical care, air conditioning, cable TV, snacks and soft beds! It’s just not fair!”

Brown illegal alien detainee #2: “(*sob*) You White racists! I’m gonna call the UN — they’ll make you treat us fairly! (*sniff*).”

Brown illegal alien detainee #3: “Racism! Racism! I’m gonna report you guys to Nancy Pelosi!”

Brown illegal alien detainee #4: “Are these tacos fresh? They don’t seem very fresh…and I want more salsa…and more lemonade…”


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  7. One Response to “America, the Big Chump Up North”

    1. Der Stürmer Says:

      It is hilarious how the evil wayciss America crap gets shouted from the birdcage lining and mush brained teevee tubes of big media.
      Why are they in such a hurry to come here then? Because YT has the best welfare benefits package or free stuff.
      Old obsolete boomercucks are high on the at least I’m not a racist bravo sierra and it will be the demise of the offspring that they don’t care about.
      The mudraces that the boomercucks pretend to love so much will be taking care of them in their last days and it couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of cupid stunts.