1 July, 2019

America, Then and Now (Or, Queers Have More Rights Than You Do)

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Somewhere in America, 1965:

Police: “So, Mr. Jones, why did you stab him, decapitate him, cut him up with a chainsaw and then feed his remains to the alligators?”

Mr. Jones: “H-H-H-He told me that he was a fag! I-I-I-I panicked! He looked at me real funny, and then he licked his lips and smiled at me! I mean, he was wearing pink leather combat boots, for God’s sake! I was scared shitless!”

Police: “Good heavens!! Pink leather combat boots??!! Well, Mr. Jones, your account of the murder sounds perfectly logical to us. Heck, we would have panicked, too! You’re free to go, Mr. Jones. Drive home safely!”

Somewhere in America, today:

Police: “So, Mr. Jones, you gave a gay man — a noble and proud gay man! — a rude, unfriendly look??”

Mr. Jones: “I-I-I-I didn’t mean to do it! Honest! I-I-I-I didn’t even know that he was a fag!”

Police: “The correct word is ‘gay,’ Mr. Jones. ‘Gay.’ And now, you’re under arrest for aggravated felony gay-hate! That carries a 20-year prison sentence, Mr. Jones!”

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that would bar people who attack or kill a gay person from arguing they panicked over their victim’s sexuality.” [Here].

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    1. Ultima Thule Says:

      It never hurts to let subhuman genetic misfires know that mommygov won’t be anywhere in sight when things get interesting.