17 July, 2019

Everything is White Supremacy Today

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Beethoven? Bach? That’s “White supremacy.” Math? Keeping your front yard clean? Owning a dog? Being polite? Arriving on time? Planning ahead? That’s White supremacy, too. In fact, nearly everything is White supremacy today. (By the way, if Whites aren’t supreme, who is?).


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  7. 2 Responses to “Everything is White Supremacy Today”

    1. Wurfrahmen 40 Says:

      Wayciss, wayciss, wayciss!

    2. Antagonistes Says:


      I’ve paid my dues
      Time after time
      I’ve done my sentence
      But committed no crime
      And bad mistakes
      we’ve made a few
      We’ve had our share of sand kicked in our faces
      But we’ve come through
      We are the champions, my friends
      And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end

      We are the champions
      We are the champions
      No time for losers
      ‘Cause Whites are the champions of the world

      We’ve taken no bows
      And no curtain calls
      We brought the world all things good and everything that goes with it
      No thanks from y’all
      No, it’s been no bed of roses
      No pleasure cruise
      I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
      And I ain’t gonna lose
      We are the champions, my friends
      And we’ll keep on shining to the end . . .

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