11 July, 2019

For Newbies: Some Commentary Inspired by Triumph of the Will

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Re: the July 9th post about Triumph of the Will:

So, it was okay with “the allies” that communism enslaved and murdered half the world for 45 years (in some places longer than that), as long as Nazism didn’t take root! [1]. Yes, Jewish communism triumphed while White Nazism was globally attacked, vilified and even banned by law. Note for the record that Nazism was less severe, yes, less severe than communism! Does that make any sense to you? Why was the less-severe ideology attacked and banned, while the more-severe ideology was allowed to thrive worldwide? It shouldn’t make any sense to you. It should shock you and anger you that America and the “allies” embraced communist mass-murderers like Stalin. Adolf Hitler didn’t even want war. But America and Britain did. It was Britain (under American pressure) that declared war in 1939, not Germany! Hitler was merely trying to reclaim the land that was wrongly stolen from Germany by the horrible 1919 Versailles “Peace” Treaty (e.g., land such as Danzig). Only the Jew won WWII. Their main enemy (Nazi Germany) was slain and they got their own state a few years later! With Israel, at last the Jews had “arrived.” They were no longer greasy urchins who wandered the globe causing trouble. They became “normal people.” If only the world knew the truth: that the Jews — a racist tribe of swindlers and con-artists — are a danger to mankind. They were dangerous during the Roman Empire and they are even more dangerous today, since they now have nuclear weapons.

[1] the major Western “allies” of WWII were: America, Britain, France, Canada, Australia

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    1. Krupp 88 Says:

      Where is my guilt? I can regret. I can regret that I made the party film, `Triumph of the Will,’ in 1934. But I cannot regret that I lived in that time. No anti-Semitic word has ever crossed my lips. I was never anti-Semitic. I did not join the party. So where then is my guilt? You tell me. I have thrown no atomic bombs. I have never betrayed anyone. What am I guilty of?

      Leni Riefenstahl

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Who can argue with that! History, that is true history, has amply borne out the truth of that observation.
      The choice for the “allies” was clear; non-intervention with NS Germany as it set about rebuilding European pride and strength, or an aggressive alliance with judeo-communism.
      The ultimate goal of WWII was the destruction of all White European nations. However, “good ol’ uncle Joe” wasn’t convinced about the desirability of that crazy ambition. After the defeat of Germany he decided it was time to consolidate Russia’s long term territorial expansion, and killing off millions of Whites just to benefit Chinese and Negroes didn’t fit with his strategic plans. Hence the falling out of Churchill, FDR / Truman, with Stalin and the setting up of the ‘Cold War’.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Leni Riefenstahl, yes, but don’t forget poor Arno Brecker. The Allies destroyed most of his public statues after they took over Berlin. Savages. SAVAGES!!

      And now the Muslims and their leftist ilk are continuing the work of these savages by knocking the heads off statues in Europe, particularly in France.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Bronc, you seem to be saying that Uncle Joe saved what parts of Europe that he coculd?

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      “that he could”

    6. BroncoColorado Says:

      Ant, no, I didn’t intend to say that Stalin was acting in a positive sense, just that was ill disposed to American plans and wanted to form his own cordon sanitaire around the Soviet Union, and East European Whites could provide the man power for that. Trotzky was the globalist, Stalin although a murdering commie acted in the mode of a Czar looking out what was good for Russia, not what was good for ‘brown man’ so beloved of the elites.

    7. BroncoColorado Says:

      Speaking of “Brown Man”, that piece of shit sculpture in the jewN building really annoys me. Brown Man in a pensive mode, that’s a hard act, gazing down on the globe acting as lord and master of all he surveys! What a sick joke. The sculpture left out the most important part, the strings from the arms and legs held by a jew puppet master.
      The UN building is long overdue for some demolition work, preferably when it is in plenary session crammed full of traitorous bastards and assorted turd worlders.