25 July, 2019

How Dare White People Think They Are Supreme!

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American Liberal #1: “Just because White people invented everything, they think that makes them special! That is sooooo not true!”

American Liberal #2: “Right! I mean, we don’t actually need democracy, electricity, light bulbs, cars, clocks, watches, TVs, weather reports, computers, and airplanes! Heck, I don’t mind working in the dark, and I can swim to Paris any time I want to!”

American Liberal #3: “Yeah, that’s right! White people are sooooo arrogant! How dare they eat our food and drink our water! They have to get permission from the UN and Barack Obama to do that!”

American Liberal #4: “Brown people rule! They gave the world so many important things, like…like…uhhhm…uhhhhh…hmmmmm…well, at least they gave the world tacos!” (okay, I’ll give them that one).


  • One Response to “How Dare White People Think They Are Supreme!”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      All of the comrades are free to move to a glorious utopia in Africa or Central America if they think the Kwanstain is so unbearable.
      Then they can live the dream with the POC that they love so dearly.
      Just because their brown pets do the lawn and laundry that doesn’t mean the Kulaks in flyoverstan must love them as well.