27 July, 2019

Human Blights Use “Human Rights” as a Weapon Against Normal People

Posted by Socrates in 'human rights', Canada, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, human blights, human equality, jewed culture, jewed law, jewed politics, political correctness, Socrates at 10:47 am | Permanent Link

Human blight #1: “I have a human right to run naked in the street!”

Human blight #2: “I have a human right to molest cats!”

Human blight #3: “I have a human right to play loud music at 3:00 AM!”

Human blight #4: “I have a human right to live my life as a hamster!”

Normal people don’t need to hide behind fake, Jewish “rights”; only Brown people, Jews, freaks and weirdos need to do that. (The fact that Canada fell so hard for the Jewman Rights racket says a lot about the Polite People up north; I think they’re way too polite!).


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