19 July, 2019

Race and Sex Don’t Matter…Right? Right?? Or, Lunar Equality

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Liberal woman: “Race and sex don’t matter! People are all the same, we’re all human beings!”

The same liberal woman, one week later: “We need women in space! Now!”

But wait:

“…studies have found that space radiation puts female astronauts at greater risk of dying from cancer compared with their male counterparts.”

Oh, no! There’s the end of the female space program! Darn! Guess we’ll have to get our own coffee on the moon…


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  7. One Response to “Race and Sex Don’t Matter…Right? Right?? Or, Lunar Equality”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      The Kwanstain won’t be going to the moon anytime soon. Taking care of lifetime democrat voter turd worlders isn’t cheap.
      Look at those NASA Apollo Mission Control Room photos and you won’t find any diversity at all.
      The Apollo 11 room has been reopened as a museum piece and no engineers are featured.

      “The restored room is a museum piece, and yet it is alive, as though engineers stepped out briefly but would be right back.”

      NYT 06/29/19

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