21 July, 2019

Sen. Cory Booker: “Donald Trump is Worse Than a Racist”

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That’s impossible. Nobody is worse than a racist! Racists are evil incarnate! Racists are like, like, like Satan without a pitchfork! Like Beelzebub without wings! They’re like, like Ted Bundy without a Volkswagen, like Adolf Hitler without a funny mustache, like rich Republicans fleeing diversity via White Flight! Yes, they’re evil incarnate! This claim just defies the laws of nature. Nobody is worse than a racist! Ask any human-rights lawyer! They’re experts, ya know.


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  7. One Response to “Sen. Cory Booker: “Donald Trump is Worse Than a Racist””

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      Did comrade Booker get the idea from his imaginary friend T-Bone?
      If he wins the (s)election will he make the Kwa into a golden utopia like Newark?
      Saw a funny meme earlier with a photo of Trump in the 1980s winning a diversity medal with Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali with the caption have you ever been so racist that you win an award for being diverse.

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