18 July, 2019

Sweden: a Giant Commune (Meaning “Communist”)

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Communism: from the Latin communis, meaning “shared” or “common.”

Sweden — obsessed with human equality and fairness to the point of mental illness; it had the world’s first feminist government — is a nearly-communist country that doesn’t know it’s a nearly-communist country. Someone must tell the Swedes the awful truth. Soviet Sweden is just around the corner. [Article]. (Don’t laugh: America is nearly Sweden already).

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  7. 5 Responses to “Sweden: a Giant Commune (Meaning “Communist”)”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      Locally the comrades want a return to community. They should have thought about that before letting in tens of millions of foreigners with their hands out.
      I always let them know that I am not their comrade and don’t want to be friends as they can shove that happy community horseshit where it belongs.

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      The Swedes do not want anyone to be any better than anyone else. They don’t want anyone to stand out, in art or music, sports or academics.

      This is a very strange situation. They want everyone to be the same.

      This seems to be against the natural way of things.

      I hate to say this, but the Africans just might teach these Swedes what it means to be an individual,instead of being a flower on the wallpaper—one flower among thousands, all the same. The Africans will teach the Swedes to wear purple suits with yellow hats, to develop their own individual style of walking, to create new words.

      I am being serious, here. White people, perhaps especially Swedes, want to become a gigantic stew in which all meatballs are the same.

      I see this same tendency in Americans, left and right. NEITHER of them wants to acknowledge the reality of mystical powers and spiritual realities.

    3. Jake Says:

      Just sit back and relax, then enjoy the spectacle as Sweden collapses. It’s tragic, but it is going to be the best entertainment going.

    4. BroncoColorado Says:

      As Sweden descends into a mud shithole what is going to pay for all the benefits and general liberal largesse? The tax on the sales of Saab, Hasselblad, and Scandia products will soon dry up when the products are no-longer competitive due to high prices and relatively poor construction.
      We are just beginning to see this happen in Germany. World renowned Mercedes, BMW and VW, are meeting buyer resistance and dissatisfaction due to decreasing value for money and particularly in the case of Mercedes, average construction. Meanwhile Korea with its educated mono-racial workforce forges ahead in car production with its range of well made hi-tech and affordable vehicles.

    5. Wes Says:

      Just look to Detroit, American cars were affordable and top quality, prior to integration.
      Now, most ppl buy Asian cars for superior quality and durability.

      Go brown, everything goes down.
      Go black, nothing comes back.

      ( advice to Swedes, flee to another country. Repeat the great migration of the 1800s.)