31 July, 2019

The Attacks on Western Culture Are Subtle But They Reach Into Every Corner of the White World

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How many times have I said that “Cultural Marxism is like sunlight, you can’t escape it?” [1]. Well, here’s an example of that in this article. It’s funny: on Monday, we are told that “race doesn’t matter, we are all Americans.” But on Wednesday, America’s leaders are desperately trying to stamp out “racism” and to join all of the races together, in every way (even sexually and romantically!), telling us that this blending is vital for the future of America and the West. Well, which is it? Which message is true? Both messages can’t be true. If race doesn’t matter, why bother with trying to blend the races together? In fact, if we blend all of the races together, such blending will wipe out “diversity” and create a universal Brown man (remember, “diversity” is said to be so vitally important: “diversity makes our country better and stronger!”). Of course, creating a compliant, worker-bee, universal Brown man is the whole idea. It’s the main goal. The whole thing is a scam (a deadly one).



[1] Cultural Marxism aims to make all humans “equal” to each other. Which of course cannot happen, since humans are biological/organic and are not equal and can never be equal. So Cultural Marxism is based, from the very beginning, on a lie. One look at who founded Cultural Marxism tells you all you need to know: Jews who were associated with the Frankfurt School in the Institute for Social Research. Those Jews who created Cultural Marxism know that it’s a lie. Like regular Marxism, CM was not designed to work. It was designed to destroy Western culture

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