14 July, 2019

The Endless Jewing of Politics

Posted by Socrates in anti-fascists/antifas, Cultural Marxism, jewed culture, jewed language, Jewed philosophy, jewed politics, leftism, leftists, liberalism, liberals, Socrates at 4:14 pm | Permanent Link

The White, leftist terrorist, Willem Van Spronsen, who was shot dead in Tacoma, Washington on Saturday by police for trying to burn a federal ICE building, said online that his “political guide” was the early Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman. Ahh, there’s the rotten Jew-apple in the fresh gentile apple barrel! It only takes one Jew-apple to spoil a barrel. Look at Karl Marx: one rotten Jew-apple spoiled 3/4 of the gentile world (first Russia, then China, and now the West via Cultural Marxism. And still, few people make the Jew-connection…you’d think they’d catch on after awhile…).

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Endless Jewing of Politics”

    1. Wonkavator Says:

      Funny how those terrorists are always left leaning. Do tell me more about the Nazi hordes marching down the street keeping the poor persons of color down.
      Meanwhile President Hitler has met with Adolf Putin at the Reichstag. Oh wait.

    2. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Open Letter to Colin Flaherty


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