4 July, 2019

The Mexican Mentality, or, Child Abusers as Innocent Refugees

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Illegal aliens drag their children hundreds, even thousands of miles in order to sneak into America (granted, often the children aren’t their children, they are simply “borrowed props”). Nonetheless, the long journey to sneak into America is full of peril. Consider it: they walk for days or even weeks across the hot desert to get to the U.S. border. Along the way, there are poisonous snakes, bandits, child molesters, diseases, heat stroke, lack of food and water, and so forth. Bringing small children — whether they’re your children or not — on such a journey is felony child abuse, pure and simple.

Their attitude about children says a lot about Mexicans. Why on earth would we want these animal-like “people” in America?

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  7. One Response to “The Mexican Mentality, or, Child Abusers as Innocent Refugees”

    1. bean dip tray Says:

      But they do the jobs that Kwans are too cool to do. As long as your average Kwannie can have a giant color teevee, sportsball, and shiny baubles from China for a dollar they don’t care who comes for the free EBT for life.

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